Collision and Remount Center

The Alexis Collision Refurbishment and Repair Center

Alexis Fire Equipment has expanded and we now have a new dedicated 8000 sq ft Collision, Refurbishment, and Repair Center. We have always offered collision and repair but our new dedicated space will allow us to offer expanded services to repair or refurbish your apparatus in a timely manner. With over 67 years with emergency vehicles we have experience you can trust. From simple to complex we are ready to help get your apparatus repaired and ready to help your team members save lives.

Our technicians are certified to repair and refurbish all makes of emergency vehicles including ambulances!

  • Simple to complex repair and refurbishment projects
  • Competitive pricing
  • Factory Authorized Parts & Service
  • Large Parts Inventory
  • We Work on all Makes of Fire Apparatus
  • Quick Turn-Around
  • Apparatus Pick-up and Delivery Available
  • The Alexis Quality Guarantee

Are You Up To Speed?
The Technical Committee on Fire Department Apparatus proposes a complete revision to NFPA 1911, Standard for Service Tests of Fire Pump Systems on Fire Apparatus, 2002 edition. When adopted this document will be redesignated as NFPA 1911, Standard for the Inspection, Maintenance, Testing, and Retirement of Automotive Fire Apparatus. The Committee continues to support Annex D to remove older apparatus, but has not produced any data that indicates these vehicles are the cause of accidents or injuries. Many new features enhancing safety have been included in newer apparatus, but the root cause of accidents continues to be excessive speed and injuries due to the disregard for the use of seat belts.

1. Fully enclosed seating for all riding team members?
2. Warning lights that meet the new requirements.
3. Reflective striping that meet the new requirements?
4. Slip resistance of walking surfaces and handrails that meets the new requirement?
5. A low voltage electrical system load manager installed if the total continuous load exceeds the alternator output?
6. Where the GVWR is 36,000 lb (16,000 kg) or more, an auxiliary braking system installed and operating correctly?
7. Ground and step lights meet the current requirement?
8. Noise levels in the driving and crew compartment(s) meet the current requirement?
9. Engine belts, fuel lines, and filters have been replaced in accordance with the manufacturers’ maintenance shcedule(s)?
10. Brakes, brake lines, and wheel seals have been replaced or serviced in accordance witht the manufacturer’s maintenance schedules?
11. Tires and suspension are in serviceable condition?
12. All horns and sirens are relocated from the roof to a position as low and as far forward as possible?
13. Seat belts are available for every seat and are new or in serviceable condition?
14. Sign plates are present stating no riding on open areas?
15. A complete weight analysis shows the fire apparatus is not over individual axle or total GVW ratings?
16. The fire pump meets or exceeds its original pump rating?
17. Alternator output meets its rating?
18. Water tank and baffles are not corroded or distorted?
19. A transmission shift pump interlock is present and working properlyon vehicles equipped with an automatic transmission?
20. All loose equipment in the driving and crew areas is securely mounted to prevent its movement in case of an accident?
21. The radiator has been serviced in accordance with the manufacturers’ maintenance schedule and all cooling system hoses are new or in serviceable condition?
22. If so equipped, the generator and line voltage accessories have been tested and meet the current standard?
23. If equipped with an aerial device, a complete test to original specifications has been conducted and certified by a certified testing laboratory.

  • Hale/American Pumps
  • Waterous Pumps
  • W.S. Darley Pumps
  • FMC/John Bean Pumps
  • United Plastic Fabricating Poly Tanks
  • Akron Brass Company
  • Robwen Foam Systems
  • Newton Dumps
  • Extend-a-Lite Telescoping Lights
  • Code 3 Public Safety Lighting
  • Whelen Lighting
  • Federal Signal Lighting
  • HME, Inc.
  • Spartan Motors
  • Drive Line Shop
  • Remount the body of your ambulance extending the service life of the apparatus and saving you money.
  • Repair of damaged ambulance vehicles.

We have your apparatus covered in our state-of-the-art paint facility. Using the highest quality PPG high gloss finish paint mixed right on the premises, our services span from spot repairs and total repaints to apparatus decals and rust repairs.

Our Paint Facility services include:
• Spot repairs to total repaints
• Sand and soda blasting
• Wreck damage/Rust Repairs
• Compartment interior repairs and upgrades (New spatter finish or reflex coatings)
• Graphics/reflective tape/Vinyl Lettering/Custom Logos
• Buffing and paint polishing

Every fire department deserves a fire truck that is specially designed for them. And sometimes all you need is some custom updating to your current apparatus to make it completely your own. Revamp your ride with our custom fabrication services including everything from custom tool storage cabinets to sliding tool boards and air bottle storage racks.

Our Custom Fabrication services include:
• Custom Tool Storage Cabinets
• EMS Cabinets/Roll up doors/Cargo net doors/hinged doors
• Custom Rescue Tool Mounting
• Shelving/Sliding Trays/Sliding Tool Boards/Swing out trays and Tool Boards
• Cascade Mounting Systems
• Consoles/Map Pockets/Computer Mounts
• Air Bottle Storage Racks
• Aluminum Equipment Storage racks

Your fire apparatus has probably been through a lot and our Refurb and Collision Center can repair the damage.

Our body work services include:
• Wreck damage
• Structural repairs
• Rust repairs on all makes of apparatus chassis, cab and bodies
• Steel, Stainless Steel, and aluminum repairs
• Compartment additions
• Roll Up compartment Door Conversions
• Electric and Manual Ladder Racks
• Portable tank brackets


  • Tank Replacement (Steel) 10 year warranty

  • Tank Replacement (Pro Poly) Lifetime warranty

  • Tank Reconditioning

  • Foam System Repair and Installation

  • Dump Installation

  • Valve Repair & Replacement – all makes/models

  • Electrical Repairs & Modifications

  • Lighting Repairs & Modifications

  • Alexis Pump Modules

  • Body Modifications

  • Custom Fabrication

  • Custom Equipment Mounting

  • Paint Repair and Full Repaint

  • Full Apparatus Refurbishment & Repair

** Units Shown Are In Service Completed Projects - NOT For Sale **

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