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AFE Wreck Repair Project

Collision & Refurbishment Center

Wreck Repair #2 Project Details

  • Severe cab and chassis frame damage.
  • Cab mounts broken, bent frame rails and suspension components, broken engine and radiator mounts, broken transmission bell housing and PTO gear box.
  • Remove complete pump module and pump system, booster tank and apparatus body from the damaged chassis.
  •  Inspect body sub-structure, booster tank, pumping system.
  •  Supply new identical HME SFO chassis.
  •  Re-mount body, booster tank, pump module, pumping system, new drivelines, new PTO gear box for generator.
  •  Re-connect all wiring and electrical systems.
  •  Pump test and inspect and test all systems.
  •  Apply new graphics and reflective stripe.
Year: 2017
Make: Collision and Remount Center
Exterior Color: Red
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