Our pride in craftsmanship and focus on customer service sets us apart from the competition and is proven through over half a century dedicated to building exclusive, one-of-a-kind Tankers for our customers. When you choose an Alexis Fire Equipment hand-crafted Tanker, you’re pushing your department’s needs to top priority.

We carry only the highest quality chassis brands for your Tanker apparatus with a variety of seating options to accommodate your crew. Choose Spartan for your custom chassis choice or Peterbilt, International, Freightliner, Chevy, or Ford for your commercial cab options. Customize your cab with premium door lettering and reflective striping to showcase your department’s personality. Single rear axle or tandem rear axle are available as well as bumper extensions on all models.

Add on your bells and whistles with a wide selection of lighting choices to fully customize your Alexis Tanker truck. Siren, speaker, and warning light options are available from industry leading manufacturers to meet NFPA compliancy. Add in the many 120 Volt electrical systems options available as necessary to round out your apparatus. The Alexis 12 volt and 120 volt electrical systems are designed to provide full on-scene support for your firefighting staff.

The Alexis tanker line has many choices to offer when it comes to designing a unit to best meet the needs of your department. Some of the available options include a painted wetside tank or an elliptical tanks with stainless steel wrap, a swivel dump at the rear or a 3-dump system, and multiple pumping system designs.

Alexis offers ample compartment storage space to effectively store all of the loose equipment required for efficient emergency operations. All compartments are sealed to resist water and dirt intrusion. With the additional options of adjustable shelves, roll-out trays, pull-out tool boards, equipment storage racks and more, your Alexis Salesman can help design a truck that will meet the needs of your department while allowing you to focus your attention where it is needed most – protecting property and saving lives.


CAD DRAWINGS / Two-dimensional blueprint of preliminary truck body assures exact dimensions and maps general design.

Three-dimensional drawings simulate a virtual model shop and offer a greater definition of compartment utilization.

AS BUILT DIAGRAMS / Customer-specific exact wiring diagrams come standard with your Alexis truck and provide ease of electrical diagnostics.

LOADING DIAGRAMS / Weight calculations insure intended loads match correct chassis gross vehicle weight rating during pre-planning stage.

OMAX JETMACHINING CENTER / Alexis utilizes one of the fastest and most precise abrasive waterjet cutting methods in the industry with our Omax 50,000 PSI JetMachining Center. Waterjet machining is a computerized technology used to cut virtually any material into any complex two-dimensional shape which does not result in tool path heating, distortion, or residual stress in the cut material. Computerized motion control provides accurate and reproducible results efficiently throughout a wide range of materials and thicknesses while generating a smooth edge and finish.

STAINLESS STEEL BODY SUBFRAME / A fully welded 304 grade, 7 gauge stainless steel subframe with K-bracing supports our 14 gauge 304 stainless steel body. Our tanker body is designed to fully support each compartment to withstand the load carrying capacity requirements of today’s fire apparatus. A rubber body cushion is standard to provide flexibility and isolation of dissimilar metals, protecting against damage caused by electrolysis.

Service and maintenance is streamlined with heat resistant, color, function, and number coded wiring as well as printed circuit boards and automatic reset circuit breakers. The connections are made through a Duetsch connector, allowing for the best possible protection against the elements. Standard and multiplex systems are available to meet each customer’s 12 volt electrical requirements.

Our apparatus bodies are painted on the Alexis premises using PPG high-gloss finish coatings. Two coats of paint and three coats of primer for ultimate durability and quality. The compartments can be finished in either a natural Aluminum or Zolatone coating. Our trucks are prepped, the paint color of your choice is mixed, and the paint is applied to produce the finished, painted product.

Versatile Tank 
Dump Systems
Versatile Tank Dump Systems
User Friendly Pump Operator's Panels
User Friendly Pump Operator's Panels
Fold-da-Tank Storage
Fold-da-Tank Storage
Top-brand lighting and accessories
Top-brand lighting and accessories
Customized storage compartments
Customized storage compartments
Stainless Steel Body Subframe
Stainless Steel Body Subframe
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