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Custom Built Since 1947.

AFE Wreck Repair Project

Refurbishment and Collision Center

Wreck Repair Project Details

  • Removed damaged portable tank rack, Right side compartment pack, rear fender panel, compartment top, cab step assembly, booster reel, slide out tray, compartment pack sub-structure, rear outer dual tire.
  • Inspected truck chassis frame rails, booster tank, pumping system.
  • Fabricated new sub-structure, side compartment pack, fender panel, compartment top, cab step assembly.
  • Repaired damaged portable tank bracket.
  • Re-paint of all new compartments, fender panel, and portable tank rack.
  • Installed new booster reel and plumbing, new roll up doors, polished fenderette, wheel well liner, new compartment top, rub rails, ICC lights, treadplate trim, warning lights, new rear tire.
  • Applied new graphics and reflective stripe.
Make: Collision and Remount Center
Exterior Color: Red
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