Delivered Apparatus

Custom Built Since 1947.

Refurbishment Project #RE532

Winnebago County Fire Protection District No. 1
  • Remounted existing body on a new Freightliner LoPro Chassis
  • Two Tone paint new Freightliner chassis cab.
  • Installed new 20kW PTO driven generator
  • Installed new seat cushions and new Zico air pak brackets
  • Installed new rescue body A/C and heater system.
  • Installed new LED warning light package.
  • Installed new 120v AC powered LED telescopic lights.
  • Installed a Space Saver single bottle fill enclosure
  • Repaired cascade panel
  • Paint touchup/repair of apparatus
  • Chevron on rear of body
Year: 2018
Make: Collision and Remount Center
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