Alexis Fire Equipment Donates First GO GREEN CLEAN Firetruck

Alexis, IL – The Illinois Firefighters Association launched a Firefighter Cancer Prevention Campaign in Fall 2022 with the introduction of their first GO GREEN CLEAN firetruck. The GO GREEN CLEAN education and implementation campaign was created to get the document of education, activity, and cancer prevention out to all members of the Fire Service.

In an effort to support this common effort of educating and protecting our firefighters, Alexis Fire Equipment proudly donated the first GO GREEN CLEAN firetruck to help the cause when the campaign launched. The neon green flagship firetruck which was showcased at FDIC in 2022, acts as a mobile education center and is a first of its kind. The truck is used to create awareness and promote firefighter cancer prevention throughout the state by having a visual and physical presence with firefighters at their firehouses and at regional and national events. After firefighters watch an educational presentation on televisions inside the GO GREEN CLEAN firetruck, the IFA then provides the fire departments with effective decontamination equipment and supplies free of charge.

The goal for this initiative is to inspire other fire service agencies to join in the mission to provide cancer awareness and prevention information to fire departments across the nation. The hope is to have a fleet of educational Green Firetrucks traveling nationwide.

Cancer is a leading cause of death among firefighters, and research suggests firefighters are at higher risk of certain types of cancers when compared to the general population. Current findings show that more than 60% of Line of Duty deaths in firefighters can be directly contributed to cancer, caused primarily by the carcinogenic toxins in smoke.

For more information, visit Illinois Firefighter’s Association:

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