Alexis Fire Equipment Awarded Florida Sheriffs Association Co-Op Purchasing Contract

ALEXIS FIRE EQUIPMENT CO. was recently awarded a publicly solicited contract made available through the Florida Sheriffs Association. FSA Cooperative Purchasing Program offers statewide purchasing contracts on a variety of vehicles, equipment and services available to all eligible agencies.

Do you have to be in that state to utilize the program?
Although most agencies utilizing this program are within the state of Florida, eligible agencies from other states may also use the contracts if their governing purchases ordinance allows.

Why should you become a member of a Cooperative Purchasing Program?
As co-op members, government agencies skip the bid process, letting the lead agency do the work, saving time and staff hours, and providing the best value to taxpayers. Further, because purchasing co-ops yield group buying power, they can secure the lowest guaranteed prices for equipment. You also don’t have to spend money to save money. Participation in a co-op is free. Government agencies simply complete a form to join, determine the right products for their needs, and place the purchase order.

How does it work?
Cooperative procurement allows government agencies to purchase equipment under another government entity’s contract. A single lead agency establishes a contract for a product, an award is made, and other agencies can use this same contract to make purchases. Government-to-government cooperatives pool resources, offering multiple contracts with various lead agencies for a variety of equipment and vendors, and guaranteeing the lowest price.

Further, city agencies can use their states’ contracts and don’t have to take the step of joining. Conversely, cities can also join a co-op on their own; any local government office or jurisdiction can become a member – not only state agencies.

Contact your Alexis Sales Representative or Certified Alexis Dealer for more information.

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