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When your department is investing in an Aerial unit, getting exactly what you want and need is a definite priority. A custom-built Aerial from Alexis Fire Equipment insures that your truck is constructed according to the highest quality standards and designed by our innovative engineering department specifically for you.

Platform or Stick? Before deciding, consider first any restrictions your department might have and also focus on the truck's primary usage. Aerial platforms provide a versatile work position for both rescue and firefighting. They come in lengths from 70 to 105 feet for telescoping boom platforms, and 91 to 174 feet for articulating/telescoping boom platforms. Platform weight capacities range from 750 to over 1,250 pounds, with an average of about 1,000 pounds.

Aerial Platforms are useful for rescue situations when there are a greater number of people to be evacuated at one time than can be handled safely on a ladder, or when the people have restricted mobility. Platforms also are useful for firefighting duties when more than one master stream is needed, or when heavy or bulky equipment must be transported to an upper portion of a structure. Articulating boom platforms are useful when the boom must reach up and over obstacles. When compared to aerial ladders, platforms provide a larger working area and generally have greater weight capacity. Many platforms also can be angled to either side of the boom, which allows them to fit flush against the face of the building for safer access.

Aerial Stick Ladders come in lengths from 50 to 125 feet and ladder tip ratings from 250 to 1,500 pounds, with an average of about 500 pounds. Aerial ladders are useful for rescue situations when there are a limited number of people to be evacuated at one time, and when the people are able to climb down a ladder. Ladders are also useful for firefighting situations when a single elevated master stream is needed or when a continuous means of access is required for firefighters to reach an upper portion of a structure.

Our team of experienced factory-direct sales professionals can assist your department with building your ideal truck and offer years of industry knowledge with unsurpassed customer service. Whether you're in the market for a Platform Aerial or a Stick Aerial, a Custom Cab or a Commercial Cab, we can build you a top-notch machine you'll be proud to put your name on the side.

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