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PLATFORM AERIALS. Our Platform Aerials are anything but standard. And since our apparatus are individually built and customized specifically for each of our customers, sky is the limit as far as choices. The platforms can be positioned from 75 degrees to -12 degrees allowing fire fighters more flexibility in operations. All our aerials have high handrails and provide an unobstructed walkway from turntable to tip. And each platform is built with a spacious 19 sq. ft. of usable area and feature corner-style gates. Our aerials use a 3 1/2" fly section waterway resulting in 2000 gpm flows on platforms. Platforms are equipped with automatic overload protection allowing elevation and retraction of the aerial only when in a compromising configuration.
Corrosion-Resistant Outriggers
Hot-dipped galvanized outriggers are corrosion resistant and standard on all Aerials and Platforms. Each joystick controls outrigger extension, out-and-down functions either simultaneously or separately.
Simple, Precise Ladder Control
All controls are lighted on the turntable console and arranged for user-friendly operation. A loadminder gauge and 2-way intercom are standard equipment. With an optional radio remote control, all aerial proportional controls and monitor nozzle functions can be controlled up to 300 feet from the truck.
Smooth Aerial Section Operation
Two strategically placed heavy duty, compact cylinders provide smooth, positive aerial section extension and retraction. Extension cables pull straight and true in vertically-mounted sheaves which prolong cable life.
Tension-free Wiring Control
Unique, flexible E-tracking eliminates stress on vital wiring components during extension and retraction.
Minimal-Maintenance Saves You Time
Optional hot-dipped galvanized torque box, aerial and platform provide years of trouble-free service. All inner and outer surfaces are completely immersed in hot molten galvanizing material, virtually eliminating potentital for corrosion and greatly reducing time spent on service and maintenance.
Positive Stop Rotation
Turntables feature eccentric planetary drives that are adjustable for wear, resulting in positive stop rotation. Upper and lower turntable bearing surfaces are machined after welding, and bearing bolts are accessible from the topside for re-torquing.
Efficient Platform Leveling
The platform leveling system uses electric over hydraulic-powered cylinders and requires no slave cylinders.
Electronic Over Hydraulic Soft Touch Controls
Feather-soft movement of all aerial functions and Envelope Safety Protection (E.S.P.) prevents cab and body damage from aerial movement. Both are standard on all platforms (optional on other aerial devices). And all aerial controls can be operated simultaneously without loss of speed.

Custom or Commercial Cabs
Dependent on budget and size of your department, you can choice between a Custom or Commercial Cab. Custom Chassis usually have a shorter wheelbase and tighter turning radius and also allows room for growth in your department in terms of seating. Commercial Cabs are also a viable option with lots of horsepower and adequate seating available.
Pump Gapanel
Hinged swing-out pump panels are just one of the features Alexis builds into their apparatus for ease of maintenance and reduced labor cost. Gauges are easy to read with ergonomic controls.
Fully-Customizable Compartments
Accessing your equipment quickly and efficiently is at the utmost importance when you're on the job. We are able to utilize areas for ample storage space to store all of your loose equipment. Our compartments are coated in a choice of either natural aluminum or zolatone finishes.
Med Box and Other Special Features
Customizing your own Aerial apparatus provides you the ability to utilize extra space especially for your department. Extra storage, med boxes, etc. can be designed and fabricated for your truck. And if you have any unique ideas for your truck, just ask us. Our engineering department is YOUR personal team of experts.
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