As Good As New . Is your department’s apparatus up to speed? Review NFPA 190 & 1911 Annex D guidelines to learn if your truck is in need of a refurbishent. Annex D is designed to help departments determine if an apparatus is in need of upgrading or refurbishing. By upgrading to equipment that meets the newer NFPA 1901 standard, you can significantly reduce the potential of serious injury or death resulting from injuries sustained in accidents or operation of these vehicles. The annex recommends replacement of any vehicles that were built prior to 1979. It further recommends refurbishment or replacement of any vehicles built between 1979 and 1991. If units are refurbished and retained, they should be placed in reserve status. Alexis Fire Equipment Refurb & Collision Center can update your fire truck with services including original body remounts and NFPA compliant warning light upgrades. Repairs also include chassis repairs, brakes, suspension, drivetrain, tires and exhaust repairs.

Our Total Reconstruction services include:

• Original Body remounts
• New Apparatus body (steel or aluminum) on original chassis
• New Chassis conversions
• Crew enclosures
• Steel & Poly Booster Tank replacements.
• Pumping System Upgrades/Foam systems/Pump modules
• Glider Kits
• NFPA Compliant Warning light upgrades
• Chassis Repairs/Brakes/Suspension/Drivetrain/Tires/Exhaust

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