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CUSTOM CAB PUMPERS. The ultimate pumping machine, Alexis Custom Pumpers are designed per your exact specifications with an enclosed cab and custom chassis to ensure room for growth. Constructed from 3/16" heavy duty aluminum body, all of our Custom Pumpers have hinged pump panels for ease of service, ample compartment storage, stainless steel plumbing, and an efficient pumping system to battle the most extreme fires. Top Control, Side Control, and Rear Mounted Pumping Systems available on all Custom Pumpers.

It’s more than just having options to choose from when you’re building a Custom Pumper – the most versatile apparatus in your department. Whether your department is in need of a top mount, side mount, or rear mount pumper, depend on Alexis Fire Equipment to build you exactly what you want and need to get the job done. With an experienced staff of factory-direct sales professionals to assist you in building your dream truck, our innovative team of engineers and skilled craftsmen will hand-craft your apparatus according to the highest of quality standards.
All Welded 3/16" Aluminum Body
Galvanized Body Subframe
A fully-welded steel subframe supports our 3/16" thick heavy duty aluminum body. Once the subframe is manufactured, it is hot-dip galvanized to provide the strongest body support system available to withstand the rigors of everyday use. Our underbody outrigger system provides total compartment support from the bottom up to withstand the load carrying requirements of today’s apparatus. A rubber body cushion is standard to provide flexibility and ensure dissimilar metals will be separated to protect against damage caused by electrolysis.
Pumps & Valves
Alexis offers Hale or Waterous pumps with your choice of Akron or Elkhart valves. We utilize stainless steel piping or Class 1 Hose throughout the piping system. Choose from an array of discharge and intake options to meet the specific needs of your department. We have various preconnect and booster reel options available as well to help your department provide the quickest response possible upon arrival at the scene.
Ergonomic Controls and Gauges
Lighting & Accessories
Add on your bells and whistles with a wide selection of lighting choices to fully customize your Alexis Commercial Pumper. Siren, speaker, and warning light options are available from industry leading manufacturers to meet NFPA compliancy. Add in the many 120 Volt electrical systems options available as necessary to round out your apparatus. The Alexis 12 volt and 120 volt electrical systems are designed to provide full on-scene support for your firefighting staff.
Fully-Customizable Compartments
Alexis offers ample compartment storage space to effectively store all of the loose equipment required for efficient emergency operations. All compartments are seam welded for added strength and to resist water intrusion. With the additional options of adjustable shelves, roll-out trays, pull-out tool boards, equipment storage racks and more, your Alexis Salesman can help design a truck that will meet the needs of your department while allowing you to focus your attention where it is needed most – protecting property and saving lives.
Hinged Pump Panels
Med Box and Other Special Features
Customizing your own Aerial apparatus provides you the ability to utilize extra space especially for your department. Extra storage, med boxes, etc. can be designed and fabricated for your truck. And if you have any unique ideas for your truck, just ask us. Our engineering department is YOUR personal team of experts.
Electrical Panel
Service and maintenance is streamlined with heat resistant, color, function, and number coded wiring as well as printed circuit boards and automatic reset circuit breakers. The connections are made through a Duetsch connector, allowing for the best possible protection against the elements. Standard and multiplex systems are available to meet each customer’s 12 volt electrical requirements.
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