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They might be small but they pack quite a punch. Every department should have one of these indispensable, compact trucks in their apparatus arsenal. Fully customizable to your needs, our Mini Units can be maneuvered into tight spots and areas unreachable for conventional apparatus. Whether you're in the market for a Mini Rescue, Mini Pumper or a Brush Truck, our team of experienced sales professionals can assist you in designing and building exactly what you want with the highest standard of quality you come to expect from Alexis Fire Equipment.

Mini Rescues. As handy as a Swiss Army pocket knife in an emergency. A Mini Rescue truck is perfect for just about any job. With roll-up doors, fully customizable compartments to store loose equipment for easy access, and all the bells and whistles you would need on a rescue truck, a compact Mini Rescue is a definite must-have for every department.

Mini Pumpers. Sometimes a full-size pumper is unnecessary for smaller tasks and what you need is something more compact to maneuver into tight spaces. With high side compartments for adequate storage, powerful engines, high quality tanks and pumps, and a wide array of configurations and pump mounting choices, a Mini Pumper unit from Alexis is anything but small.

Brush Trucks and Skid Units. Our Brush Trucks are built to last with heavy-duty aluminum bodies, customizable compartments for easy access, powerful engines, high quality brand pumps and tanks, and so many possibilities and choices to customize your truck that not two of our trucks are alike. To get some ideas for what you would want in a Brush Truck, check out our gallery of archived trucks and our new deliveries.

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