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Cad Design
Two-dimensional blueprint of preliminary truck body assures exact dimensions and maps general design.

Solid Modeling
Three-dimensional drawings simulate a virtual model shop and offer a greater definition of compartment utilization.


As-Built Wiring Diagrams
Customer-specific exact wiring diagrams come standard with your Alexis truck and provide ease of electrical diagnostics.


Loading Diagrams
Weight calculations insure intended loads match correct chassis gross vehicle weight rating during pre-planning stage.


Plasma Technology
Cuts body parts using high definition plasma technology to ensure high quality results.

Water Jet Technology
New water jet cutting technology allows smoother more precise cuts on a wide variety of materials to ensure high quality results.


A fully-welded steel subframe supports our 3/16" thick aluminum body and allows for heavy-duty outrigger supports under each compartment floor. A round rubber body cushion is used to separate the steel outriggers and aluminum angle which provide our customers with the strongest truck body possible and the assurance that the dissimilar metals will be separated to protect against electrolysis. We also provide a bonded rubber surface on the top of the subframe to protect from chaffing against the UPF water tank.

Service and maintenance is streamlined with color, function and number code utilizing heat resistant wiring, as well as printed circuit boards and automatic reset circuit breakers. The connections are made through a duetsch mechanical type connector which allows for the best seal possible to protect against the elements. We also now offer your department the option to utilize multiplex electrical systems.
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