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When you purchase a used truck from Alexis you can have the confidence that your vehicle has passed though a complete inspection process. Every vehicle featuring the Alexis Assured Certificate has passed the following inspections:

Vehicle Inspection: Vehicle frame, engine, axle(s), mirrors, brakes, windshield, windows, compartments, valves, gauges, electrical systems, and lights are all inspected to insure functionality and safety.

Pump Test: Performed on all vehicles having pumping capabilities at our on-site Pump Test Facility. Documentation outlining aspects of test and performance of the pump is provided upon purchase of the vehicle.

Aerial Inspection: All aerials are inspected and tested before the units are sold to the customer. The customer is then trained on the aerial before the unit is released from the sales office.

Standard Service: A standard maintenance service is performed on all Alexis Assured vehicles. This includes fluid and filter change, cooling system, electrical system, brake system check, and all point emergency system check.

Customization: Alexis offers a full customization service where your department can customize your pre-owned vehicle to match other vehicles in your department with lettering, striping, and department insignias, you control every aspect of the vehicle even the paint color for a nominal fee.

Two Year Maintenance Discount Program: For two years from the purchase date Alexis offers a $25.00 discount applicable to yearly service visits contact us for details.

24 Hour Roadside Assistance: (available in certain regions only).


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